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Product Release News

Max PC Secure launches new versions of its PC Security products, along with the new corporate interface 6 July 2005

Max PC Secure, an international leader in PC privacy and security products, today introduced new releases of its Spyware detector and Parental control products, now combined into a single product suite. Max PC Secure’s integration product suite offers corporate and individuals one of the widest ranges of "PC privacy" technologies available today. Additionally, the company is providing its entire user domain with a complete new, corporate and an enhanced interface of all its products in one GUI.

A lot of new features have been added, including comprehensive and a pre-built database of all the in-appropriate websites, cookies and spywares to be blocked. This ensures you with an increase in you Internet connectivity and also assures a clean and spyware free PC.

The new GUI version of the Max PC Secure product suite provides utility of all the products needed to safe guard your PC while accessing the Internet, transferring data, using messengers and moreover tracking all the information of the activities done on your PC in your absence. Our product allows users to configure the settings of the product in such a way, that they are automatically kept informed and updated via email or in form of a report about the activities done on their PC. A provision to activate multiple settings for different users and administer them individually has also been incorporated.

"Based on our track record in Spyware detection since 1999, Max PC Secure products have the power to detect all new trojans, enabling organizations to benefit from spyware detector while accessing the Internet and enhancing the connection speed," states Sanjay Pradhan, Max PC Secure CEO. "With this new integrated product suite, businesses can scale from single users to multiple users and monitor the complete activities from a single machine." says Sanjay.

"Max Pc Secure’s traditional product lines have targeted two different sets of customers with different needs. By combining the feature sets of individual and business professionals, this suite targets a third set of customers that need greater flexibility within their organization and corporate environments," says Co-founder & CTO Rachna Pradhan.

Max PC Secure Launches New Website on Spyware and PC Privacy Services.
Features: Free Online Spyware and Content audit, information updates about Spywares and Privacy products and solutions for individuals and corporates.

INDIA, Pune November 15, 2004Max PC Secure has launched a new website on its products specially designed to protect your PC from Spywares. The company has a wide range of products and solutions targeted to ensure PC privacy and security. All the information is made available to users at http://www.maxpcsecure.com.

These products are mainly designed after having a survey and analysis done, by the Max PC Secure team, on the threat of Spywares. These analyses also cover the need to install these products on individual or home PC users, as it can track the activities done by children in the absence of their parents.

The site includes an overview of solutions for corporates and individuals, with explanations of key terms, and links to related white papers, case studies and reports. The website provides all individuals and professionals with an easy way to learn about the issues and stay up to date on this rapidly developing threat. For further information, professionals can download the trial version of the software or sign up for a free newsletter with white papers, webcasts, case studies and product information. The newsletter is sent out, via email, whenever there are any new items related to the topic.

There are several other resources available on the site, such as "Article of the month”, which are written by our research team to constantly keep you updated on the new issues and remedies to prevent damage to your PC. Some examples include: “What are Spywares?”, “Filtering of inappropriate material reduces the risk of legal liability”, “Viruses are caught at the server level before they reach employees” and “Management of outgoing e-mails prevents confidential information from leaving your organization”. After reading these in-depth reports, visitors can then browse through details on specific solutions and products.

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  Spyware free software spyware removal Anti Spyware software free spyware check adware spyware remover anti virus download