What Is Spyware and Adware?

Spyware and Adware are tiny programs that are unknowingly installed on your computer by hackers, and unethical companies through legitimate looking software and music downloads, e-mail attachments, instant messages, web browsing, and other routine activities you might participate in online.

Once installed, these tiny programs can run completely undetected collecting your personal information, tracking the tasks you perform on your computer, or bombard you with annoying pop ups and ads.

Enjoy Complete Protection From Spyware and Adware!

You can automatically delete any traces of spyware from your PC for immediate and total protection using Max Spyware Detector's comprehensive and constantly updated database that detects over 17633122 known spyware, adware and malware programs.

By making Max Spyware Detector your Security solution you will also enjoy these advantages:

  • Never worry about finding a solution to your spyware problems, thanks to round-the-clock responsive and committed customer support.
  • Your personal files, settings and programs are safe and will not be harmed, corrupted or deleted. We have full easy to use Recover feature too.
  • Full compatibility with your existing programs including but not limited to your Antivirus, Firewall, e-mail and word processor software.
  • Easy updating whether using high speed or dial-up internet access.
  • Reduced risk of future spyware infections with intelligent Real-time protection and monitoring.
  • Restore your PC's power and speed by eliminating slow, sluggish performance.

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Just a few of the things spyware can monitor and collect about you:

  • The Web Sites You Visit
  • Your Instant Message Conversations
  • Deletes cookies
  • Credit Card Numbers You Use
  • The Items You Purchase Online
  • Usernames and Passwords Used To Access Your Favorite Sites
  • Your Incoming and Outgoing Email Messages
  • Your Bank Account Numbers
  • Other Important and Personal Information

Even worse, once this information is collected it can then be sold to other parties which can lead to even more pop-ups, spam and Spyware!

Spyware is also notorious for making your PC sluggish and unresponsive. Sometimes this is by design but many times the sluggish performance is a result of poorly created spyware and malware programs that conflict with the other programs running on your computer.

In any shape or form, spyware is extremely annoying and frustrating!

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10 Signs Your PC Is Infected

To quickly determine if your computer is infected with spyware, click the check box next to any statements below that you can answer "yes" to:

  • My computer is infested with annoying pop-up ads whether I am online OR offline.
  • I download music, movies, and games online.
  • I keep getting error messages and warnings that my computer is infected with spyware or has numerous "security threats".
  • My PC's performance is sluggish and unresponsive.
  • My home page has changed and I can't change it back.
  • I have pop-up protection installed but I still have tons of pop-ups.
  • I have strange toolbars and searchbars in my web browser that I don't remember installing.
  • Strange Icons Appear On My Desktop.
  • Sites I have never visited or heard of have been added to my favorites.
  • My Search Results Are Strange and Full Of Ads.

If you answered "Yes" and placed a check next to any of these statements, your PC is probably infected with Spyware.

Download Spyware Detector
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Spyware Is A Growing Epidemic

In just a few short years spyware has surpassed computer viruses as the number one threat to your information and security online.

The reason for this explosive growth is the huge amounts of money that unethical companies are making from spyware. As amazing as it may seem, many of these companies receive millions of dollars a year in funding because the potential to make money off an unsuspecting public is so huge.

As a result, spyware now infects close to 90% of all internet connected computers with an average of 25 instances of Spyware and Adware per PC.

Spyware is such a huge problem that Dell Computers reports 20% of all their tech support calls involve Spyware and Adware related problems. Even worse, these problems take 2-3 times longer to solve than non spyware related support calls.

What this means to you is that without a lot of spare time, technical expertise, and proper tools, spyware can pose a real and serious problem to your PC and personal information.

Fortunately, Max Spyware Detector automates, simplifies, and speeds up spyware removal through a comprehensive and easy-to-use suite of tools that automatically detect and delete the majority of spyware infections.
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Virus Protection and Firewall Software Will Not Protect You

Even with the latest virus protection and firewall software, Spyware and Adware can still access your system. This isn't because your virus and firewall protection aren't doing their job but rather because Spyware and Adware are completely different types of threats that traditional virus and firewall protection don't guard against.

Specialized detection and removal tools like Max Spyware Detector were created to provide this protection.
Download Max Spyware Detector and see if your PC is infected with Spyware.

6 Reasons To Choose Max Spyware Detector

With dozens of different spyware removal programs to choose from it can be confusing and frustrating picking the right spyware solution for your needs.

There are 6 important reasons choosing Max Spyware Detector will protect you from current and future spyware threats:

  1. Comprehensive Spyware Protection
  2. A constantly updated and expanding spyware detection database of over 2851622 malware threats ensures you are armed with the latest spyware protection.

    You are alerted about new updates automatically so you don't need to remember to constantly check for the latest threats and changes.

    Click here for comprehensive Spyware Protection.

  3. You're Never Left Unsupported
  4. If you ever find yourself with a spyware infection that just won't go away you can contact us and we will work personally to ensure your problem is solved.

    Spyware is extremely complex and difficult to combat and sometimes one-on-one support with our friendly support team is necessary to fix your spyware problem.

    Fortunately, Max Spyware Detector allows you to send us all of the information we will need to analyze and diagnose your problem with the click of a button.

    Let us spend time doing all the hard work for you so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.

  5. Prevent Future Spyware Infections
  6. With several real-time protection monitors, new spyware threats and infections can be caught before they install themselves on your PC.

    Click here to begin protecting your self from future spyware infections

  7. Works Seamlessly With Your Existing Software
  8. You should never have to worry about a new program causing problems with your existing software or slowing the performance of your computer.

    Max Spyware Detector is designed to work with your software and will not cause problems with your anti virus and firewall software or everyday programs like your e-mail software, word processor, games, etc.

  9. Your Personal Files, Settings and Programs are Safe
  10. If any files or traces of spyware are found, Max Spyware Detector automatically disables the spyware for immediate and total protection but does not delete the spyware immediately.

    This is done for 3 important reasons:

    • Automatically disabling or quarantining spyware infections immediately prevents the spyware from doing any more harm to your privacy and improves the performance of your computer.
    • All detected files are backed up so you can see how you PC will perform if the files were completely deleted.
    • If you notice any problems, you can safely restore your computer with the click of a button back to the way it was before the scan or you can permanently delete the spyware once you are certain you PC is running like normal.

    Total control is in your hands so you can be confident your files and programs are safe and it is OK to remove the detected spyware infections from your PC.

    Click here to download Max Spyware Detector and begin removing spyware and adware infections

  11. Relief From The Most Difficult To Remove Spyware Infections
  12. There are tens of thousands of different spyware programs yet only a handful of these programs pose the largest threat and infect the most people.

    These programs are also the most difficult to remove as the creators of these programs constantly change them to avoid detection.

    Max Spyware Detector has developed special detection and removal scans individualized for some of the most notorious spyware programs like Antivirus System PRO, Security Tool, System Defender, Total Security 2009, AntiAID, LinkSafeness, SecureKeeper, and others.

    Whether your computer seems to have developed a mind of its own, or you’re concerned about protecting your privacy, Max Spyware Detector is the industry leader in Spyware and Adware removal.

Don't wait to make certain your computer is clean and
your personal information is 100% Safe and Secure.

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